Update and An Announcement

Hi guys, hope you all are doing lovely. Just a quick post to keep you in the loop, we’ve got some exciting news. First, we have completed the first song for our debut EP. All of the parts have been thoroughly worked out, we’ve completed the full recording/tracking process, and have completely mixed it out. Not to brag, but it sounds absolutely killer. The song is called “When I’m Gone”, and we can’t wait to release it for you all to hear. It is a blend of rock with contemporary electronic music. We haven’t yet set a deadline for the release of our EP, but as soon as we have something in order we’ll let you all know. Stay tuned.

And now for the exciting announcement…

Private Show This Saturday

Yes, you heard that right. We are going to play our first gig as the Trio this Saturday! We’ll be playing some old music that each of us has to bring to the table, a few covers, and of course we’ll be trying out our brand new song “When I’m Gone”. If you want to hear it first then this is the place to be. A friend of ours was kind enough to let us use their basement as the venue – the place is totally sick. It’s decked out with a full granite bar, leather couches, a pool table, a top-notch electric fireplace, and a huge aquarium.  The place is just the spitting image of luxury. There will be plenty of room to relax, unwind, and party with the regular crew.  Out of respect for our very generous host entrance is extremely limited, so if you want to come get in touch with Ryan, Jack, or myself and we’ll reserve you a spot. They’ll also fill you in with all the details like how to get there, where to park, what to wear (yes, this is going to be a fancy party all right!), etc. Once we’ve reserved all the spots there won’t be any more and you’ll be refused entrance at the door, so don’t hesitate!

The party is going to start at 8 pm, we’ll be chatting with all you lovely people and hanging out for a bit before we start. We plan to take the stage around 10pm. We’ll do a single intermission where our good friends The Heeby Jeebies will play a short set of their tranced-out psychadelic jams, then we’ll come back to close out the night. It’s going to be absolutely insane and we really can’t wait to see you all and throw down hard. Tell your friends, this is going to be huge.

That’s all for now, we’ve got a pretty solid week of practice and preparation coming up so we’ll be busy. Be there or be square, and stay classy.